HCL Notes using native VPN on macOS

Native VPN and HCL Notes on macOS

We recognized a major Notes issue on macOS after upgrading to version 12. Each time we opened up a native VPN connection to our office infrastructure the Notes Client was unable to establish a connection to any Domino sever available. First we thought it might be a DNS issue in macOS which is indeed a bit more complicated than expected. But after some tests, we came to the result that it is a Notes problem.

HCL has published a workaround for this thing that might be helpful. You have to add the line


to the Notes Preferences file on macOS. If you just have a few of such clients then it might be easier to do this manually (see more detailed information in Notes.ini on Mac OS). If there are a couple of macOS Clients out there or they are located around the world it might be more convenient to use a Desktop Policy to roll out this parameter.

When your Mac machines are back in one of your office networks again they will pull the policy and it will work after a restart of the Notes Client.

Have fun.